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The Summer School 2018 is over. We thank all students and hope you enjoyed participating. Please find some pictures in the news-area.

Welcome to the international Summer School „Geist21“.

The radical changes in automotive industry driven by electro mobility stimulate the development of new concepts and vehicle constructions.

This year’s topic is “monocoque sandwich construction (Sandwich-Monocoque) for lightweight electric cars”.

In cooperation with Ejot, Infento, Fraunhofer IMWS, TUecomotive,  inspire, DLR and GORDON MURRAY DESIGN

we will give you deep insights into the futureoriented industry of lightweight sandwich materials and polypropylene honeycomb cores for use in the automotive sector.

You will get to know the innovative material in practice-oriented lectures and discuss innovation possibilities.

During the practical lessons at the Summer School you will construct sandwich monocoques from sandwich panels with ThermHex honeycomb cores.

Especially suitable for the Innovation Summer School are students from the fields of vehicle construction, aerospace and fiber composites/plastic technology with huge interest in new materials.

Participation is limited and free of charge. Registration is now open. The winning team will receive a bonus of EUR 500,-.

The Innovation Summer School takes place at the historical headquarters of the former „Hallesche Papierwarenfabrik Heilbrun & Pinner“.

In 1901, the industrial basis for today’s widespread honeycomb technology for lightweight sandwich components was created right here.