Historical Aspect

picture from Geiststraße 21 in Halle (Saale), left side anno 1917, right side anno 2017

The head office of the EconHP Holding GmbH, which is the main shareholder of ThermHex Waben GmbH since 2010,

continues the industrial honeycomb production in Halle at the historic headquarters of the former Hallesche Papierwarenfabrik Heilbrun & Pinner in Geiststraße 21.

In 1901, the Jewish founding family of Heilbrun & Pinner had created the industrial basis for today’s widespread

honeycomb technology for lightweight sandwich components and produced paper honeycomb on a large scale.

In 1938 the families had to emigrate abroad. Today’s EconHP / ThermHex group has created 14 jobs in Halle within a few years.

The historic company headquarters of the first large-scale paper honeycomb manufacturing hall, is now used as the main office for the company EconHP

which sees itself in this production-technological tradition.

The honeycombs are produced in the production plant of ThermHex Waben GmbH in Merseburger Straße 237 in Halle.

Modern honeycomb cores in light fiber composite components are among others now used in vehicle and aircraft construction.