General Info 2018


Summer School „Geist 21“

Innovations in automotive with polypropylene honeycomb cores

monocoque sandwich construction (Sandwich-Monocoque) for lightweight electric cars

For a period of one week you will explore and test the possibilities of using sandwich construction for structural elements in electric vehicles. The work will be done in small groups. During the practical lessons at the Summer School you will construct sandwich monocoques from sandwich panels with ThermHex honeycomb cores. The skins will be made of glass fiber/PP-UD tapes between a given directed front axle and an electro-motor driven rear axle. At the end of the week the vehicles will be presented and tested in a race.


09– 14 September 2018


EconHP – Geiststraße 21, 06108 Halle/Saale and
ThermHex Waben GmbH, Merseburger Straße 237,
06130 Halle/Saale


innovative thinking (Master-) students in their last semester (engineering, vehicle construction, aerospace engineering) with interest in new materials and enthusiasm for self-realisation. Prerequisites: English (conversant), ability to work in a team, enthusiasm for new materials and break new ground


deep insights in a special and future oriented business field, practical oriented lectures about the material
and just to have fun!