ThermHex invites students to the “Innovation Summer School” in September 2017

ThermHex invites students to the “Innovation Summer School” in September 2017

For the first time ThermHex Waben GmbH invites students, with interest in new materials and enthusiasm for pioneering business models, to participate in its Innovation Summer School “Geist 21”. From September 24th to 29th, the participants will get deep insights in the future-oriented business field of lightweight sandwich materials and polypropylene honeycomb cores. For the future ThermHex will invite to the Innovation Summer School once a year. The students will get to know innovative lightweight materials in practice-oriented lectures, discuss possible business ideas and implement them directly in the creative laboratory. This year’s focus is on innovations in furniture. The participation is not only free of charge, accepted students receive EUR 500,- for their personal expenses. The number of participants is limited.

The Innovation Summer School takes place at the historical headquarters of the former “Hallesche Papierwarenfabrik Heilbrun & Pinner”. In 1901, the industrial basis for today’s widespread honeycomb technology for lightweight sandwich components was created right here.

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