Monat: September 2017

Results from first ThermHex Innovation Summer School

We proudly present some pictures from the results of our innovative thinking students participating in our first ThermHex Innovation Summer School:

Impressions from section at ThermHex

The participants were also at our premises and very active in constructing their furniture… Thanks a lot, EJOT, for supporting our students.

Impressions from session at Eigenbaukombinat

Thanks for the support from the Eigenbaukombinat-team!

Impressions from session at SKZ

Dear SKZ-team: many thanks for the support.  

Some impressions from lecture at „Fraunhofer IMWS“

Here are some impressions made during the session at the Fraunhofer IMWS. Many thanks to the kind support!

Some impressions from Session „Business plan“

Here you can find some pictures made at the session „business plan“. Many thanks to Anne Baschus, Ulf-Marten Schmieder and Daniel Worch from Univations and Technologiepark Weinbergcampus for the support.